A play space that’s uniquely yours! A handmade teepee tent from Banana J Creations

A quality, handmade teepee tent from Banana J Creations is much more than a play tent. It’s an invitation to imaginative adventures! It’s the perfect venue for a teddy tea party or a secret spy convention. It’s a private space to get lost in a book – or to keep things away from your new baby brother. Whether it’s for indoor quiet time or active backyard games, your kids teepee tent will become part of your family’s lasting memories of childhood.

Customised kids bedroom décor

Creative play helps young children develop social skills and expands their understanding of the world around them. Older kids enjoy a special place to call their own for relaxation or fun with peers. That’s why every teepee tent from Banana J Creations is built to last the distance! Our play tents are handmade in Australia from high quality, durable materials. We use medium to heavy-weight fabrics that stand up to the most rough and tumble games. Our fabrics are fully machine-washable because we know kids love to get messy. We use PVC poles to construct our teepees, making them lightweight and flexible. Our easy-fold, umbrella design means your teepee can be stored with ease. Move it from the garden to the nursery in minutes! Or why not pop it in the car for a trip to the beach? There’s no assembly required. A quality, adaptable teepee tent from Banana J Creations will be loved by your child from the terrible twos right through to the teens!

Creative designs for imaginative kids

Every kids teepee tent at Banana J Creations is handmade upon order, so we can work with you on design ideas that perfectly suit your bedroom décor. We choose all our fabrics based on upcoming style trends. Or, you can source your own fabrics and then let us work our magic! The distinctive pentagon shape of our tents means they fit neatly into the corner of any room. Measuring 140cm from side to side, with an internal height of 135cm and a total pole height of 175cm – there is plenty of room to play! If you’re short on space, it will also fold down to a square-based tent measuring 100cm x 100cm. Our beautiful customised tents are really two tents in one, which means there’s no limit to when and where your child can enjoy the world of make believe!

A handmade teepee tent from Banana J Creations will become your child’s favourite place to escape, create and imagine as they grow. Our play tents also make unique wedding decorations and great accessories for photo shoots or birthday parties. However you choose to use them, our creative, colourful and long-lasting designs will provide many years of special memories for you and your family.