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Remember the magic and excitement of your first sleepover? The buzz of bunking down with your friends, talking and storytelling as the lights
dim, and eventually drifting off to sleep with a smile on your face? Now imagine creating a perfect, enchanting setting for your little dreamers as
they set out on their own cosy adventure. This is now a reality with our gorgeous slumber party hire service.

Relax and let us create a complete, amazing sleepover that your child will never forget. This is a slumber party unlike any you’ve ever seen. We
bring in five soft mattresses, individual A-frame tents, decorative cushions, breakfast trays, and all the thoughtful decorative details that transform
a room in your house into an enchanted retreat for your child’s imagination. Ours is an all-inclusive slumber party hire service. We’ll do all
the setting up and we’ll return the next day and take it all down for you. You don’t have to search for matching decorations or make anything yourself.
You can simply sit back and enjoy seeing the delight on the face of your child, their friends, and their friends’ parents!

Our sleepover party hire service is ideal for when you want to give your child (or children) an extra special experience in the comfort of your own
home. It is perfect for birthdays, as a gift, as a surprise party, or just because! Providing the ingredients for imaginative play is much more valuable
and memorable than adding another disposable toy to a child’s room. You will be nurturing your child’s social and creative skills, not to mention
giving them a night of tremendous fun!

The creative and elaborate slumber party settings set the scene for detailed flights of fancy as imaginations are transported far away. It’s like your
child’s make-believe has truly come to life as creativity overlaps reality, and daydreams merge with dreams. Sharing this experience with four
close friends is something that will create beautiful memories long after the last fairy light has been packed away. We have a range of settings
as part of our sleepover party hire. We’re sure you’ll find something that will enchant your child.


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