Red Stripe



To your Adult eye, this may look like ONLY A TEE PEE, but your child sees something completely different, their imagination is already running wild. . . a place to hold secret club meetings . . . a substation on a strange planet  . . .a quiet spot to have a snack  . . . a perfect spot for an afternoon nap!




5 Pole Pentagon Tee Pee Measures:

-140cm from side to side/front to back

-135cm internal height

-175cm total pole height

*Can be altered from pentagon base to 100cm x 100cm square base by folding over the back middle pole onto one of the sides. This gives you the best of both worlds, small square base for indoors, larger pentagon base of the park/beach/backyard.

Standard tee pees come with durable, lightweight, flexible commercial grade Fabric Covered PVC Poles with a Visible Timber pole option available.

Hand Made in Australia upon Ordering.

IN STOCK  refers to the fabric availability not the final product.

Please allow 2-3 weeks plus delivery.

Quality medium-heavy weight cotton

Machine Washable, Hang to Dry

Pole Style

Fabric Covered Plastic, Visible Timber

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