Camping Slumber Party


“if you go out in the woods today your in for a big surprise . . ”

Little faces beam when they stumble on this cozy camp site in the heart of the woods. Flickering fireside stores and sticky s’mores while huddled around the campfire, the promise of adventure, hopes and dreams whispered by torchlight, your happy campers will be snuggled and tucked up tight to dream beneath the starlight.



Camping Party Pack caters for 5 children

Each Bed Set Includes:

  • Patterned A-Frame Timber Tent
  • Fairy Lights to Decorate Tent
  • Flocked Blow Up Mattress (180cm x 21cm x 76cm)
  • Fitted Sheet
  • Quilt Cover
  • All Season Single Quilt
  • Decorative Cushions not for sleeping on
  • Various Bunting designs
  • Decorative Bed Runner
  • Decorative Tent Topper
  • Breakfast Tray
  • Flashlights



Bring the outdoors in and set the scene with these fabulous props:

  • 4 x Pine Trees
  • 1 x Artificial Grass Mat
  • 5 x Tree Stump Stools
  • 1 x LED Flame Fire Pit
  • 1 x Chalkboard Woodland Themed Birthday Sign


Add a personal touch to this party with:  

  • Personalised Camping Arrow Themed Pillowcase: $20
  • Customised metal camp mugs for $12 each! Fill them will sweets and you now have an extra special going home lolli bag!


Booking Options:

  • SELF SERVICE: This option is all about YOU!! You pick up, You Set-up, You Style, You Pack-up, You Return!
  • FULL SERVICE: Sit back, relax and have ALL the work done for you! Banana j will deliver your party package, assemble, style and come back the following day to take it all away.


An area 1.2m x 2.2m is needed for each bed setting. Allow 2 hour window to set up sleepover party hire, set up and pack up times will be confirmed at a later date

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