My name is Robyn Amor and I guess my imagination would be Banana J Creations.
I am a stay at home mum to three wonderful kids – Mathew, Jonah and Madelyn (yes, I was crazy enough to go back for thirds to get my girl). My eldest Mathew is 7 yrs old with a beautifully sensitive soul. He has started prep this year and we have entered a new phase in our lives together. It is very exciting but scary at the same time – where have the years gone Jonah, my little “RED”, is quite the handful at the best of times -thank goodness us mum’s were created with eyes in the back of our heads!! He does keep me on my toes and life will never be boring with him around – I just need to be sure he doesn’t rub off on my little girl.Speaking of which, Madelyn is my little angel. She can rough and tumble with the best of them so all those little pink dresses I stocked up on when I found out I was having a girl are getting put through the ringer – why would I think my little girl would be quiet and sit in a corner reading books and playing with dolls?!?!?!
I will be the first to admit, that being a mum can be hard, some days are good, some days are great but others can be absolutely shocking! The days are long (my kids are up at 5:30am, sometimes that 5 is a 4 – oh my), a full night sleep (maybe even consecutive 5hrs, is that too much to ask for?) is hard to come by ( Madelyn still doesn’t sleep through, Mathews room is too dark even though we have 100 night lights and Jonah tends to get attacked by dream spiders) and being everything (cheerleader, chef, event planner, and chauffeur just to name a few) is all a bit daunting.
I am far from being “super mum”, but I love my kids and I do my best in those difficult times. Being a mum is a great gig and I wouldn’t change it for the world.


When I was growing up in the great white north, Vancouver Canada, due to the weather, we spent a great deal of time at home and inside. When I think of my childhood, I don’t remember having heaps of toys, nothing compared to what the kids of today have – I had my favorites, my barbie motor home and my barbie pink corvette.
One thing I do remember, is following around my mum on a daily basis while she was doing the cleaning, or the ironing or the washing up and constantly telling her (chances are I was telling her in an extremely whiny voice that would have sounded like nails on chalkboard to her) how bored I was or how there is nothing to do, how I have no toys or how my little sister was bugging me. Her response was always the same “Robyn, go be constructive, go use your imagination” I had no idea what constructive meant or how to use my imagination!
Eventually, I would drive her crazy mad; she would take a deep breath and come up with something soooo wonderful, something that would entertain me for most of the day. She was able to look at a the box under the kitchen sink of what I thought was just recycle garbage and see things that I couldn’t . . .a marching band (tin can drums and glass jars full of rice), a fancy hat parade or construction of marble runs. We had an old chest full of scarfs, glasses, shoes, hats, and terribly tacky clothes, with these, my mum turned my sister and me into Pirates, traveling hobos, rich and famous fashionistas.
With a little coaching from my mum, these everyday items were turned in to activities that could and would keep me entertained for most of the day. Little did I know, my mum was slowly teaching me important skills that would help me tackle life. She gave me the precious gift of a great imagination

I created Banana J in memory of my mum and as an aid to help other parents who may have lost their inner child. You will notice that my website it pretty basic, I manage it myself and am far from a web designer – from time to time, things may look a bit funny and chances are, you will come across a number of spelling mistakes. It is a work in progress and ever change, so be sure to check back often.

I do hope that you will see something that you like or better yet, that may inspire you to help your kids find their imagination.

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