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Escape, imagine, grow – kids teepee tents from Banana J Creations

Banana J Creations’ custom made kids teepee tents and funky nursery accessories are the stuff happy childhoods are made of. Imagine your child’s playroom transformed into the ultimate secret club house! Or lunar rocket! Or princess castle! Through the eyes of a child, a teepee is so much more than just a play tent – it’s a Kids Only fun zone where they can let their imaginations run wild.

Durable childrens play tents custom made for you

Every kids teepee tent at Banana J Creations is handmade and built to last for indoor or outdoor creative play. Our gorgeous, colourful fabrics are carefully selected to help little minds wander into the world of make believe. Our kids tents can be personalised with your child’s name or favourite colours. Or, source your own fabrics and we’ll tailor make tents, comfy cushions or bright bunting for a completely unique bedroom or nursery with style!

Imaginary play creates beautiful minds

Banana J Creations is all about making the most of just being a kid! We also know that creative play can do wondrous things for social skills and language development. Your little one can save the world in a handmade kids superhero cape – or chill out on our trendy scatter cushions, perfect for daydreaming. Bright futures start here! And for grown ups? We know you’re never too old to play. Our teepees are also a hit at garden weddings, trendy parties and imaginative photo shoots.

Banana J Creations makes unforgettable kids teepee tents and accessories with unlimited potential! We know any play space filled with our fun, colourful designs will become your child’s favourite place to escape, create, imagine and grow.